About Us

HG Defence

As HG Defence we are a service provider and supplier company in Turkish aviation market. Our main field of activity is the procurement projects in military and commercial aviation sectors.

Our team consists of professionals who have expertise on the procurement procedures, regulations and legislation in Turkey. We believe in the Rule of Law and our core principle in the business is to work in ethical standards. In line with this vision, we are very confident to be a reliable supplier especially for the military and other government agencies due to our knowledge and background.

We have strong partnerships with manufacturers and distributors to be able to support our customers efficiently. We work with Turkish Military services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Gendarme) and other government agencies (Turkish Police) to provide the required parts and services to sustain their fleet. We also work with Turkish Defense Industry Companies to support their production, sustainment and modernization programs.

HG Defence is the member of Ankara Chamber of Commerce.